Kingspan help M&S In-store Catering Team Solve Grease Problem

Kingspan help M&S In-store Catering Team Solve Grease Problem

Kitchen staff based at Marks & Spencer’s store in Bloomfield, Bangor, Northern Ireland had been experiencing significant issues with the disposal of fats, oils and grease resulting from food preparation and waste.

The 500 litre grease trap that the team had been using needed pumping out at least once a month. The frequency of these regular pump-outs was not only extremely expensive, it caused a lot of unnecessary disruption and interruption within an already busy working environment.

What’s more, the unpleasant and pervasive smells that emanated from the trapped grease were blighting nearby food and clothing stores.

Kingspan Sensor’s expert team with partners McLaughlin Harvey surveyed the problem on-site before recommending the complete removal of the grease trap and replacing it with the innovative new Smart Serv Grease System.  The system incorporates:

  • A Kingspan Sensor’s Grease Level Probe which measures the level of effluent within the trap and alerts the service team when the trap is full, thus eliminating the need for staff to open the trap to check – an unpopular task, particularly given the smell;
  • The Trapzilla Grease trap system, which captures up to 96% of grease waste – a major improvement over existing technology which typically only traps 25% of the grease. The trap holds the fat, oil and grease with very little water, making it highly efficient and reducing the frequency of pump outs.
  • iFOG – an outlet-pipe bacterial dosing system which is highly effective at digesting fats, oil and grease, eliminating smells and reducing pipe blockage

Since it was installed at the store, The System has proved a huge success. Pump-out frequency has been reduced to once every three months, lowering operations costs by an estimated £2,600 per annum.

The remote-monitoring capability provided by the Grease Level Probe now means the service company is able to respond in good time, before the trap becomes full.

Furthermore, the outlet pipes are clear and the quality of the effluent discharged into the drains has significantly improved; a key benefit for Marks & Spencer, supporting its ‘green philosophy’.

Gary McClernon, Account Manager for Mc Loughlin Harvey advises, “The introduction of Kingspan Sensor’s Smart Serv Grease solution has allowed us to further demonstrate our innovation to M&S; one of our most important accounts.

“Kingspan Sensor’s System clearly demonstrates that disposing of fats, oils and grease can be done simply, easily, and with the minimum of interruption. Ops costs have been more than halved because Trapzilla only needs emptying four times a year – and that’s not accounting for the cost of the disruption of emptying a trap every month.  So, overall, it has been a solution which more than fulfils the brief.”







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