Kingspan Klargester installer network

Kingspan Klargester installer network

Professionals in wastewater management know to join our Kingspan Klargester installer network because of the many benefits such a relationship brings to them. Join our Kingspan Klargester installer network and tap into a new level of prestige, professionalism and promotions…

Quality Products

Consumers and commercial customers alike have come to know the high quality and reliability of our products. We realise our work safeguards thousands of people by safely handling wastewater and sewage treatment. Kingspan Klargester is proud to have earned the public’s trust with our unparalleled, 60-year history of superior service and trustworthy products.

Professional Training
The Kingspan Klargester installer network puts you in contact with some of the wastewater industry’s leading experts. You can enhance your professional training, bringing more value to your customers by learning best practices and environmentally sound solutions to waste management problems.

Our promotional services can boost your sales, so by joining our Kingspan Klargester installer network you increase your competitive advantage. Receive regular communications through the network to stay updated on innovations and sales trends.

Installation and Servicing Plans
Within the Kingspan Klargester installer network, we can help you build ongoing relationships as the bridge between customers and Kingspan. We can help your work in the field with tips on installation and by offering servicing plans backed by the Kingspan Klargester name.

From pumping stations to sewage treatment plants, your work and our products perform a vital public service. We stand ready to work with you when you join our installer network.

Are you interested in joining our accredited installer network?
Contact us via email, with your contact details and a member of our expert team will be in contact.

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